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Grabbing AGV
【Product Name】Grabbing AGV
【Product details】

Dimension:Ll800xW1200xH270(mm) (excluding manipulator)
Structure: 8 wheels
Min. taming radius: 1m
Rated load:0.5-1.5T
Power supply: high effective lithium battery 24V 100AH
Speed:6-60m/min,continuous and adjustable
Endurance: 24 hours
Charging: automatically inline charge
Guide: magnetic guide
Positiarring precision: +/-2mm
Guidance precision:/-10mm
Operation Made: automatic/ manual (ran-rote control)
Protection: audible and visual alarm, anti-collision bumper, obstecle detection, emergency braking, wireless communication control do avid encounter.
Work principle: The AGV, equipped with manipulator, transports the battery among tray irget machine, tray outlet machine and chemical cabinet based on the command of production management. High positioning, convenient communication and dispatch